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                HelloWelcome to Luoyang Eagle Machine Co.,Ltd.
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                Eagle Machine

                Luoyang Eagle Machine Co.,Ltd

                Sales Manager: Sylvia, Li
                Tel: +86-379-65185851
                Fax: +86-379-65185853
                MobWechat/Whatsapp: +86 18237964197
                Skype: eaglemachine3
                QQ: 1275790096
                No.2503, You Yi Yuan, Anhui Road, Luoyang City, 471003, Henan Province, P. R. China

                CNC Shaped Glass Cutting Line

                EG-CM Series Glass Cutting Line (One Side With One Station )

                ClassificationCNC Shaped Glass Cutting Line

                IntroductionIncluding automatic glass loading table, cutting table and air-floated breaking table.

                Hotline+86 18237964197

                Product introduction


                Automatic CNC Shaped Glass Cutting Line (one side with one station) 


                1. Can cut any shapes.

                2. Laser Profiling Scanning system.

                3. Laser position scanning system.

                4. Adopt Italy optimization software to ensure high efficiency.

                5. PC with windows operating system is extremely simple and intuitive.


                1. Adopt world-known brand and first-line spare parts like Siemens, Schneider, SMC, Lenovo, Philips, Panasonic, Optima from Italy, Bohle from   Germany, Yaskawa from Japan, etc. Cutting precision, speed and service life are guaranteed.

                2. Powerful optimization software from Italy OPTIMA, friendly-interface, simple to learn and operate, Almost 400 shaped can be directly used.

                3. Compatible with DXF to accomplish data sharing with the associate devices.   

                4. Possessing Laser Profiling scanning input function to exclude unnecessary errors from manual data-collecting.

                5. Two kinds of positioning system: Manual and laser scanner.

                6. Excellent protective functions to make sure the equipment long-term stable running.

                7. All kinds of models to satisfy the cutting of regular standards glasses. Also can be customer-made.

                8. Have completely independent intellectual property rights to process second development, upgrade, design and adjustment.